Our philosophy = Sustainability

Out of the nature. With the nature. In the nature. From the nature.

Respect for nature runs through the veins of mountain people. We treat nature with love, using what it gives us but without taking undue advantage, because we want to make sure that the heaven in which we live will also be a heaven for future generations.


Our values shape our future

We believe …

... in sustainability

  • Use of renewable energies
  • Own energy production using woodchips and pellets 
  • Own electricity and heat production with photovoltaic and solar panel system 
  • Controlled mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, connected to our thermal station (Blauer Engel)
  • Certified electricity thanks to the new neutral CO2 system and we use green electricity, which comes exclusively from South Tyrol
  • Since 2018, our hotels each have an electric car recharging station
  • Use of local products and materials
  • Our suites and rooms have been furnished using pine and spruce from South Tyrol (the furniture itself is made by local craftsmen)
  • High LCA index (Life Cycle Assessment: evaluation of the environmental impact and the interactions of a product or service with the environment)
  • We use natural cosmetics and massage oils based on 100% natural essential oils (mountain pine oil from the Villanderer Alm)
  • We separate and, as far as possible, we reduce waste and especially plastic
Baking bread

... in health and in the importance of using 0 km regional produce

  • Healthy food that makes the most of nature, with organic produce from our hut (Scottish Highland cow meat, pork meat from free-range pigs, herbs and vegetables from our garden)
  • Own hotel bakery, patisserie, butcher and smoking shed
  • Regional ingredients from local farms and producers
  • Hotel own spring water
  • The quality of our dishes is guarantee by organic productions aimed at ensuring efficient use of resources and respect for nature
  • All this is also what makes the Untertheimerhof a special place of strength. We look forward to seeing you!

Did you know
that ...

… the water at the hotel comes directly from our own spring?

More precisely, from the depth of the Sarentine Alps. It’s full of minerals and as fresh as morning dew. You can get it from every tap of the hotel, or swim in it in our pool! Moreover, our water is revitalised using the Grander method. The water starts pure and rich of energy, but during its journey to the consumer loses vitality and its internal structure changes. The Grander revitaliser re-establishes the original vitality and also further improves its quality. The active ingredient - called “information water" - is highly stable water with a very high internal order. This water transmits vibrations and information of authentic nature to non-revitalised water without entering in direct contact with the same. In this way, through a natural process the water is biologically revitalised and stabilised.
Result: water that is as true as possible.

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